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Education - Online pre-course workbooks

Pre-Course Workbooks


Are you looking to register for a Swimming 101, Swimming 201, or Swimming 301 National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) course or simply interested in beginning your NCCP training and certification?


Completing the online pre-course workbook is your required first step.


What is the online pre-course workbook?


The online pre-course workbook provides coaches with an overview of the NCCP as well as assigns tasks that help coaches get familiar with the respective course material before they arrive to the course.


How do I access the online pre-course workbook?


1. Access is available through Swimming Canada's Learning Management System (LMS).




If you are an existing registered swim coach and have an account with Swimming Canada, all you need to do is click 'Coach Login' and sign in with your Swimming Canada coach username and password. If you forget your username or password, please contact your provincial section (or choose forgotten password).




If you are not an existing registered swim coach, please sign up and create a profile for Swimming Canada's Learning Management System.


2. When you have successfully logged in, click the NCCP Status tab at the top of the screen.



3. Click enroll beside the online pre-course workbook you need to complete.



When you submit your pre-course workbook, you will receive an email from the system and your status will be updated with a green checkmark and date of completion.



REMEMBER: The corresponding online pre-course workbook must be completed and submitted in full before you can register for a Swimming 101, Swimming 201, or Swimming 301 course.

For Swimming 201 and Swimming 301 courses, there are additional pre-course requirements. For information on these coach pathways, please click the links below.



I have completed and submitted my online pre-course workbook, what do I do now?


1. Login and register for a Swimming 101, Swimming 201*, or Swimming 301* course.


  * In addition to completing the online pre-course workbook, coaches must complete all of the respective pre-course requirements before they can register for a Swimming 201 or Swimming 301 course.




2. If you are not planning on taking a course right away, your completed pre-course workbook will be saved in the Learning Management System for you to register for a course at a later time.




Please contact education@swimming.ca.