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Learning Management System FAQ For Coaches


1. What is the Swimming Canada Learning Management System (LMS)?


The Swimming Canada Learning Management System (LMS) is an online platform for Coaches and Officials education. The LMS is where coaches complete their pre-course workbooks, register for NCCP courses, access their portfolios and take eLearning modules for professional development (PD) points.



2. I’m a registered coach with Swimming Canada. How can I access the LMS?


If you are an existing registered coach with Swimming Canada, the LMS can be accessed by going to https://edu.swimming.ca and clicking on the “coaches” tab, followed by the “coach login” button. As a registered coach, you will need to sign in with the same login information that you would use to log into the Swimming Canada Registration System.

If you have forgotten your login information, it can be retrieved by visiting https://registration.swimming.ca and clicking on “forgot username/password?”. (You will need to enter the email address that is associated with your account)



3. I am not an existing registered coach with Swimming Canada, how can I access Swimming Canada’s Learning Management System?


If you are a new coach that doesn’t have a profile in the registration system, you can still access the LMS by signing up as a new coach.

To do this, click on the “coaches” tab and then click on the “New Coaches – click to sign up for the Learning Management System” button.



4. I am interested in taking an NCCP course and would like to begin work on my pre-course workbook. How do I access the pre-course workbook?


For more details on how to access a pre-course workbook, please visit the online pre-course workbook tab https://edu.swimming.ca/index.php?page=252. In order to complete a workbook, you must already be registered in the LMS. It is important to note that a pre-course workbook must be completed before registering for a Swimming 101, 201 or 301 course.



5. I would like to register for a Swimming Canada NCCP course. How do I register?


To register for a Swimming Canada NCCP course, you must have an account in the LMS. If you are not an existing registered coach with Swimming Canada, please refer to question 2 for directions on how to sign up. Once logged in, coaches should click on the courses tab (shown in the image below) and then click “register” beside the course that they are interested in registering for.


6. I have registered for an NCCP course. How do I pay the course fee to complete my registration?


To confirm course registration, you should contact the provincial section hosting the course and proceed with payment. Details regarding course payments can be accessed by clicking the ‘Details’ button on the course calendar.



7. I have completed my pre-course workbook and course. How do I access my portfolio?


After logging into the LMS, click on the NCCP status tab, scroll down and click the ‘Enroll’ button next to the corresponding portfolio. It is also important to note that once the course has been archived, successful candidates will be emailed with the next steps on how to enroll for a portfolio.



8. My information is incorrect in my NCCP status area. Who should I contact to have this corrected?


For the most correct record of NCCP status The Locker (https://thelocker.coach.ca) is the book of record. If your status in the LMS does not match your Locker profile, please contact education@swimming.ca to have it corrected.


9. When I attempt to log into the LMS, I am given a status warning. What does this mean?


If a status warning appears, this means that as a coach, you are not fully registered for the current season. If this happens, coaches should reach out to their club registrar and they should be able to help ensure proper registration requirements are fulfilled.   



10. What do I do if I have forgotten my username or password?


If you are a registered coach with Swimming Canada, you can reset your password at the following link: https://registration.swimming.ca/Login.aspx


If you are a new coach, please contact , please contact education@swimming.ca.